• School Parent Family Engagement Policy

    2022-2023 School Year

    The faculty and staff at Hamilton Elementary School are determined to effectively communicate and involve parents, community partners and all stakeholders in an effort to better serve our students.  We want to create a consistent set of expectations for success.  Education is a shared responsibility of parents, students, and teachers. Together we can make a positive difference.  Hamilton Elementary School’s Parental Involvement Plan is as follows:

    1. Title I requirements will be made available to each parent. Parents will receive the parenteral involvement policy, school-parent compacts, resolution, procedure, school choice, supplemental educational services, and parent’s right to know.  Hamilton Elementary School will communicate with parents through the school handbook, monthly newsletters, virtual parent meetings, e-mails and phone calls.  Parent/teacher conferences will be scheduled for the proposed dates of October 17th-21st 2022 and March 13th –17th,2023 

    1. A school parent compact was written and will be sent home with each student. The compact defines the goals and expectations for this school and our parent’s, as we partner in an effort to improve student academic achievement and positive behavior. The compact provides the opportunity for developing a strong home and school partnership.  We want to promote an atmosphere that shares responsibility for the high performance of students.  Parents will be responsible for supporting their child’s attendance, academic achievement, homework completion, positive behavior, volunteering and observing in the classroom.
    2. Training and resources will be provided to parents on a monthly basis. Along with an opportunity to receive assistance in understanding State assessments, academic content standards, student academic proficiency standards and how to work with the school to improve academic achievement.
    3. Parents will adhere to the school attendance goal of meeting or exceeding the student attendance percentage of 95% or above.
    4. Parents will adhere to the SLPS guidelines in the Parent Information Guide & Student Code of Conduct.