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    Name: Robin Mik
    Email: Robin.Mik@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 211
    Subject(s): Music
    Building Phone:314-535-3910
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     Hi everybody!  I hope that everyone is safe and healthy!   Please click on the assignments tab to find links to music activities.  I'm posting some non-tech options below:
    BODY PERCUSSION:  Create a body percussion routine.  Do the exact same movements each time.  Teach the routine to another family member and perform it together for your family.  
    SOUNDTRACK OF MY LIFE:  Create an imaginary album that shows who you are.  Make a list of songs that describe your personality/life.  Describe how each song relates to your personality/life.  Try creating an album cover.  
      Ms. Robin Mik got her Associate's in Fine Arts from Meramec Community College, her Bachelors in Music - Music Education K-12 from UMSL, and her Masters in Education from Lindenwood University.  Ms. Mik taught high school for 12 years, college for 2 years and is very happy to be a member of Adams Elementary family!