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Ms. Kimberly Sharp

Updated 4/15/2020:

The District’s direct hotline for students and parents requiring social and emotional support is: 314-345-6900 or

On April 9, 2020, St. Louis County Schools, Saint Louis Public Schools and St. Louis Charter Schools announced that their buildings will remain closed through the end of this school year. Learning and support services will continue through each district's last day of school. This decision was extremely difficult, but it is imperative that we take bold measures to further mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and help save lives in our community. This decision follows recommendations from local health departments and is in collaboration with government officials. We will continue to follow their guidance as we make decisions on end-of year-events in the best interest of the health and safety of our students, staff, and communities.

Hello Adams Family,

I hope everyone is doing well and is being as safe as possible. Although we are experiencing unfamiliar times I want you to know I am here to serve as a resource and to help you however I am able to.

Please check the "Covid-19 Resources" tab weekly for updated resources throughout our time away from school. I will update this page as new resources become available.

Please check the "Electronic Flyers" tab weekly for ways to stay involved with the Adams Family even though we are physically apart during this time.

If you have any other questions, I can be reached at


Family & Community Engagement Specialist

Welcome Back Adams Parents, Guardians, and Community Partners, 

            My name is Kimberly Sharp and I serve as the Family and Community Specialist at Adams Elementary. The 2019-2020 will be my fifth year at Adams and I am excited to continue building relationships with Adams’ parents and community partners. My purpose consists of being instrumental in improving student attendance, developing strong & collaborative relationships with parents, families & community members, implementing & designing activities to increase parental involvement, and providing knowledge of federal, state, district, and school policies, as well as, ensuring that Adams is in compliance with policies and mandates of the St. Louis Public School district.

            As the Family and Community Specialist, I provide opportunities of engagement, which include gaining knowledge about your child’s education, participating in PTO meetings, developing parenting skills, volunteering for events & fundraisers, attending family activities coordinated by the school and PTO, etc. Research shows parental involvement in the school helps all children succeed on a wide variety of measures, both socially and academically, so this year I am challenging all parents to commit to attending at least ONE school event or meeting per month.

A wide variety of parent resources are also available in my office, including but not limited to, computer access for job applications, health center contact information, parenting brochures, volunteer applications, and students-in-transition forms.

In addition to increasing parental involvement, I have plans to increase the role Adams plays in the Forest Park Southeast Community, more commonly referred to as The Grove. Our community is currently undergoing drastic developmental changes and I want to be sure Adams continues to thrive within it. Together we are all a partnership and it is crucial we work together to provide the best for our children, whether they are in school, at home, or around the community. Therefore, any suggestions, opinions, and concerns are always welcome and there is no better place to let your voice be heard than at our monthly PTO meetings. All parents and community members are PTO members and we encourage each of you to attend meetings held on the 2nd Thursday of each month at Adams Elementary.

With all that being said, we welcome your help and assistance to make this one of the best school years we’ve ever had! There will be numerous volunteer opportunities available here at Adams and if you’re interested, I encourage you to contact me personally. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns I can be reached via email at or telephone at 314-535-3910. I look forward to building with you.

Your Friend,

Kimberly L. Sharp

Family and Community Specialist