•  Ms. Hammock
    Name: Ms. Hammock
    Room Number: 212
    Grade Level: 4th
    Building Phone: 314-231-7284
    Online Distance Learning Updates:
    Welcome to Second Quarter, In-Person Learning. All students will be able to login and participate in learning activities through the internet, with a computer or tablet. 

    For instruction to be successful, please make sure

    • Students are at school by 8am to get a healthy breakfast
    • Student arrive with a fully charged iPad, at 100%, and their charger daily
    • Students arrive with a face mask that is secure and know they must wear it at all times, except when eating and drinking at designated times (Breakfast and Lunch) 
    I believe that teaching students today is the best way to affect the future. It is important that every student learn to make them better citizens, equipped to be successful adults after school. Preparing them to become independent adults is the most important aspect of being an educator today. I will do everything in my power to impact young lives and build a desire to love learning and become independent learners now and in their futures. I believe very strongly that, as an educator, it is important to continue to pursue education and professional development, in order to stay on the forefront of teaching and innovations and developments in the field of education.

    I was born in East St. Louis, IL and am the first of twelve children to graduate from college. I have taken an interest in wanting to be a teacher since 3rd grade, when my teacher showed me that she cared about me when I lost my father. Since then, I have been determined to be that teacher for my students. Now that I am a parent, it is extremely important for me to make sure I can teach my students to their utmost ability level because that I was what I expect from my children's future teachers.

      I am a product of the Cahokia school district. I received my Bachelor's degree from Harris-Stowe State University, in Saint Louis and recently received my Master's degree in Special Education from Northcentral University in Arizona. I am now seeking an Educational Specialist certification. I feel that I need to continue to pursue my education in order to become the best teacher I can be.


    Fun Facts:

    Favorite Book: Because of Winn Dixie

    Favorite Teacher: Ms. Anthony, my 3rd grade teacher because she supported me through a tough time.

    Favorite Weekend Activity: Watching television and hanging out with my kids.


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