• Welcome!

    Welcome to all of our Patrick Henry families! 

    At Patrick Henry, we believe in the power of the school-home connection. We know that our students spend the majority of their childhood either at school or at home, so we strive to be on one accord throughout the school year.

    If you need anything from the school, feel free to contact us by email or calling us at 314.231.7284. 


    Frequently Asked Questions

    When should a child stay home from school?

    CLICK HERE for more information about when students should stay home from school. If a child has a fever over 100.4, vomiting, or diarrhea, they must stay home until 24 hours AFTER the symptoms go away without medication. 

    What is the school uniform of Patrick Henry?

    We have uniform guidelines, not a strict uniform code that must be followed. We want students to feel comfortable when they are at school, and oftentimes clothing can be a distraction or a source of conflict among peers. Our guidelines are khaki or navy blue pants, and a white, navy blue, or light blue polo. 

    We also have support systems in place from The Little Bit Foundation to support families with uniforms. Please contact the school at 314.231.7284 if you need assistance with obtaining uniforms, shoes, or winter coats.

    How can I get involved?

    We have parent events once a month at Patrick Henry, and all communication will be sent out to parents via email, text, and Robocall. Keep an eye on our website, which is updated every week with upcoming dates and events.

    We also love parent volunteers in the classroom! Please contact the school at 314.231.7284 to fill out a volunteer application.

    What should I do if my child feels bullied?

    We take all bullying concerns seriously. Your first step is to notify the school immediately if your child feels unsafe or mistreated in any way. Please contact kelsey.jones@slps.org to report any bullying concerns, conflicts with peers, or issues between a student and a staff member.

    What do I need in order to register my child at Patrick Henry?

    If you are a new family to the area, welcome! We have been here for 116 years and we love our neighborhood! Registration takes place in our main office. Please call the school at 314.231.7284 or contact sierra.spells@slps.org to set up an appointment. You will need the following items:

    • Proof of address (utility bill, copy of a lease, or anything with your name and address)
    • Parent ID
    • Student birth certificate
    • Student shot records

    If you are a returning family and your child used to attend Patrick Henry in the past, welcome back! We love when our students come back to us, and we look forward to seeing you again. Please call the school at 314.231.7284 or contact sierra.spells@slps.org to set up an appointment.

    What do I do if I need help as a parent?

    We are here to support you and your family through your child's elementary time. We know that there are many times and situations that require outside support. Please utilize our resources at Patrick Henry.

    Contact School Counselor Lonette Middleton at lonette.middleton@slps.org  or School Social Worker Andrea Wissman at andrea.wissman@slps.org for the following concerns:

    • For help with physical resources like housing and utilities
    • For help with the Students in Transition process
    • For help with mental health resources like counseling 
    • For help with suspected child abuse
    • For help with food insecurity
    • For help with academic concerns or testing for Special Education, contact your child's teacher first, then contact Ms. Gregory
    • For help registering with Afterschool 

    Contact Secretary Sierra Spells at sierra.spells@slps.org for the following concerns:

    • For help with uniforms or clothing for your students
    • For help with registering or enrolling a new student or a returning student
    • For help with records requests 

    How does the school handle food allergies and asthma?

    Nurse Rachel Beck receives all medical documentation for allergies and asthma and will determine a plan for your child. If you have any new medical needs for your child, please contact rachel.beck@slps.org and provide all documentation from the doctor's office.