Larisa Selimovic

    Introduction remarks

    Name: Larisa Selimovic-Milo
    Room Number(s): 211
    Subject(s): Honors Biology, IB SL and HL Biology
    Building Phone: 314-534-3894 ext. 211
    I am available to all of my students through Microsoft teamsTimes and days will be provided as school resumes!
    Teacher Message:
    In the field of biology there are, and always will be surprises! In the world of microbiology, we can always expect unexpected!
    COVID19 is certainly unexpectedly shaping ways we continue to educate. Online learning is taking over from face-to-face!
    While we are all leraning to adapt, we are resuming teaching and learning. We will use Microsoft Teams for all future and further communication. We will also find our assignments, complete and submit assignments using Microsoft Teams.
    My web page will be also containing necessary resources and information about our classes.
    I have created teams for each class and sent an invitation to you all:
    Please use your SLPS email address to login!
    As much as SLPS email address is not routinely used it is essential for continuing your online learning.
    Your first assignment (weekend prior to day one) is to log into your team and respond in some way so I can see you have successfully accessed the team. If for some reason you do not know your SLPS email address, feel free to email me and I will provide that information for you.
    Assignemtns and active online learning will start on Monday, August 31st, 2020!
    Message to seniors:
    • IB exam is back for 2021.
    • IB has removed:                                                                                                           Paper 3 exam (You will have to complete only Paper 1 and Paper 2 exams) and        Group 4 Project (which requires IB Biology students to collaborate with IB Physics students on common task).
    • Your IA becomes very significant in grading process with IB. 
    Be safe and healthy! Stay at home as much as possible, wear mask and practice social distancing when you have to go out and about!
    Stay connected with your peers!
    Miss you and love you all,
    Mrs. Selimovic-Milo
                      - 1999 earned Medical Degree from Zagreb University School of Medicine
                      - 1999 moved to St. Louis from Croatia
                      - 2000 started teaching in SLPS, Biology/AP Biology at Roosevelt High School
                      - 2008 received Masters in Secondary Education from the University of Missouri St. Louis
                      - 2013 became part of Metro Science department team
    Interests:    Reading, running and skiing