For most quizzes, see the "How to Answer an ID" handout to see what is expected in a full-credit answer.
    Quizzes in History of the Americas will be graded according to the following scale: 

    Level   Points   Description 
    4   15/15    Answers all parts of the question clearly and accurately and demonstrates understanding of the content using explanations and examples as necessary.
    3   12/15   Answers most of the question and demonstrates understanding of the content, but may include minor omissions or inaccuracies or lack necessary explanation or examples.
    2   8/15    Somewhat answers the question and demonstrates some understanding of the content, but fails to answer all parts of the question or contains significant inaccuracies.
    1   4/15   Contains some content information, but the amount of accurate information is minimal or fails to answer the question.
    0   0/15    Lacks accurate information and does not answer the question.