• Dr. Warmack and Bus. Ad. Pathway

    Career Academy:  Seniors from the Business, Management and Administration Pathway with Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack, President of Harris Stowe State University, St. Louis, MO

    On Monday, October 20, 2014, Dr. Dwaun Warmack was invited by Ms. Sams, Pathway Instructor, to encourage her class and promote college and career readiness.  He provided thought-provoking and stimulating information about his insightful journey of being an inter-city student to becoming the youngest PRESIDENT of a nationally recognized HBCU.  The students thoroughly enjoyed his life story and his passionate plea to take advantage of college opportunities now.  When Dr. Warmack was approached by Ms. Sams to send a representative from his college to come and talk to students about educational opportunities at Harris Stowe, he decided against sending a representative, and insisted on coming himself.  How gracious of the University’s President to take time out of his busy schedule to come in person.  “As an educator, I am so appreciative of his dedication and commitment to his life’s work.”  As an added bonus, several of the students from the Business, Management and Administration Pathway have been invited personally, as guest of Dr. Warmack, to attend various campus events at Harris Stowe.   

    Business Management Pathway Students Comments:

    Briahna Thomas:  “I have always been interested in attending an HBCU, but I didn't know anyone who attended to share a personal story. Dr. Warmack was very easy to talk to; I felt comfortable with our conversation. Dr. Warmack shared his accomplishments and experiences at several HBCU's that inspires me to apply right now.”

    Desiree Haywood:  “I was impressed, inspired, and encouraged by Dr. Warmack, the experience was priceless.”

    Kayla Brown:  "Dr. Dwaun J. Warmack was so inspirational; his story makes me know that I can succeed at anything I want to do.”