Physical Therapy in General

    • Physical Therapy is often utilized to restore function.  This may involve improving strength, mobility, balance and other skills.  In the school setting, the purpose of Physical Therapy is to ensure that the child's physical function does not prevent them from participating in the school day or curriculum.  Physical Therapy at school is offered as a Related Service.  The Physical Therapist typically sees the student anywhere from 30-60 minutes per week.  The therapist then communicates with the classroom staff to ensure the recommended Therapy interventions are reinforced throughout the school day. 

      The goals for each student's Physical Therapy sessions are individualized for each student and are written in the student's IEP.  The development of these goals are worked on by the IEP team, and modified as needed.

      Many students require stretching, strenthening or balance skills to improve their function in their environment.  I will include some resources to improve your child's mobility and function under the section labeled Physical Therapy Resources.  Many of these activities are fun and simply encourage daily exercise and movement.  You may decide to participate in activities with your child.  Just have fun and keep moving and