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    Buder Phone: 314-352-4343

    email: katie.avenevoli@slps.org

    Office Hours: 2:10-2:55

    This is my 24th year at Buder. I am lucky enough to work with amazing students who are speakers of other languages. 

    I particularly enjoy working with such a great group of students, parents, teachers and staff.  We make a great team!  This school year, there are 3 ESOL teachers at Buder.  This is wonderful because we can take the time to really connect with our students and their families. 

    I work with children in Kindergarten and First Grade.  The teachers and I collaborate whenever we can in order to increase langage proficiency.

    I believe that all children can learn and I expect all of my students to do the very best they can.  I enjoy reading and knitting in my free time. 


Last Modified on September 21, 2021