• About ESOL with Mrs. Avenevoli 

    I am the ESOL (English for Speakers of other Languages) for the students in these classes:
    KG - Ms. Anderson/Ms. Filben, Ms. Finley, and Ms. Crystal
    First Grade - Ms. Barnes, Ms.Boettcher, and Ms. Zotos.

    I co-teach/collaborate with grade-level teachers.  I plan with teachers and we work together to make sure everyone has what they need in order to learn.  Some supports include:
    Visuals: pictures, posters, charts

    Sentence Stems: giving students a framework for answering questions for example
    Do you prefer apples or orages?
    I prefer _____ because______.

    Graphic Organizers: tables to fill out, venn diagrams, KWL charts


    I also work with students in small groups.  This is when I can focus on what each students needs in order to meet goals in Listenning, Speaking, Writing and Reading.


    You can reach me at Buder (314) 352-4343.  My plan time is from 1:20-2:10.
    Email or class dojo are also great ways to get in contact if needed.
    Please let me know if I can answer any questions for you.


    If you need an interpreter in order to talk more comfortably with me and/or your child's teacher, please let me know - we have access to interpeters for any language.


    About the ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program
    1530 S.GRAND BLVD, ST. LOUIS, MO 63104

    The ESOL/Bilingual/Migrant program of the St. Louis Public Schools provides services to English language learners (ELLs) and their families so that ELL students can achieve academically to their highest ability. Program teachers provide English language and academic content instruction to ELL students in kindergarten through twelve grades. 

    There are many resources available throught the ESOL office which include quarterly parent meetings and libraries in various langauges for parents and students. You can find additional information on their website.  
    ESOL Bilingual Migrant Program



Last Modified on January 24, 2023