March 23, 2020
    During this uncertian time, please feel free to reach me by email at jennifer.hogg@slps.org and also on our private classroom Facebook group. To join our classroom Fcaebook group, just send me a friend request to Jenni Counts and I'll add you to the private classroom group page. 
    Be sure to head to www.slps.org/keeponlearning to pick up an enrichment packet to help keep our kiddos engaged and learning while at home. You can pick up these packets at breakfast/lunch distrubition sites. Oak Hill Elementary, Long Middle School, and Mallinckrodt are the closest school distrubition sites to Buder. You can also print out pages and activity ideas from the online packets.
    My name is Ms. Jennifer Counts and I will be one of your child’s teachers for the 2019-2020 school year along our Early Childhood Special Education Preschool Teacher, Ms. Kerry Filben, in the Inclusion Classroom! This will be my 6th school year teaching in the Inclusion Classroom and my 7th year teaching Preschool at Buder! I am so excited to be able to help teach and guide your children as we prepare for kindergarten! I love to have fun and get messy with the children in the classroom. My motto is the messier the better! Be prepared for lots of exciting learning experiences to take place and for your children to be excited to tell you all about what they have been working on. This classroom is the children’s, as much as it is yours! We welcome you to complete the parent volunteer form and come into the classroom to learn and play with us. Through our play we learn all about our world, community, school, family, and ourselves. We cannot wait to see what is in store for us, as the children will guide their learning through their interests.
    "I call my students 'my kids' because in our year together they aren't just kids on my class list, they become a part of my heart." -author unknown
    I have my BA and MAT in Early Childhood Education. I have 19+ years of experience teaching young children. It started way back when I was in college at 19 years old. I graduated with my BA from Harris Stowe State University and with my MAT from Webster University.
    I love teaching! Why do you ask? I get excited when the children learn something new, because I just LEARNED something new with them, too! 
    Jennifer Countsapple
    Room 115: Pre-Kindergarten; Inclusion Classroom
    School Phone #: 314-352-4343