My behavior

Behavior Management Plan

  • Classroom Rules: Developed by the children and the teachers as a team

    We will sit down during circle time and table activities

    We will be a good friend; no hitting, no kicking, no pushing and no scratching

    We will listen to our teachers

    We will share our toys and take turns

    We will use our walking feet


    Plan of Action - If a child is not following the classroom rules we will:

    Give two verbal reminders and positive re-direction

    If after two re-directions the child does not correct them self, we will send them to the self-reflection area

    We will set the timer – one minute per age (Example: 3 years old = 3 minutes, 4 years old = 4 minutes)

    Once the timer is up, we will talk to the child about making better choices


    **If a child requires additional behavioral supports, those will be implemented on an as needed basis

    **If a child is exhibiting in-appropriate/extreme behaviors, the parents will be notified