My behavior

Classroom Expectations


    At Buder, we strive to have students who are being responsible, being respectful, being safe, and being a buddy!

    In the preschool world that may look a little differnt for us...

    Being RESPONSIBLE means that we help take care of ourselves, our peers, and our classroom. We can clean up, we can be helpful, and we can be honest.

    Being RESPECTFUL menas that we can listen to our teachers and peers, we can use our inside voices, and we can share toys.

    Being SAFE means that we can keep our hands and body to ourselves (NO hitting/pushing), we can use walking feet when inside, and we can stay with our class.

    Being a BUDDY means that we can try our best every day to be a good student and friend!


    Plan of Action - If a child is not following the classroom "rules" we will:

    Give two verbal reminders and positive re-direction

    If after two re-directions the child does not correct them self, we will send them to the self-reflection area

    We will set the timer – one minute per age (Example: 3 years old = 3 minutes, 4 years old = 4 minutes)

    Once the timer is up, we will talk to the child about making better choices


    **If a child requires additional behavioral supports, those will be implemented on an as needed basis

    **If a child is exhibiting in-appropriate/extreme behaviors, the parents will be notified