Preschool Supply List

  • Buder Elementary Universal Preschool Supplies 2023-2024                    

    These items need to be labeled with your child's name:

    * Backpack (no wheels)

    * Change of clothes- in Ziploc bag

    * Water Bottle

    * Blanket- for rest/nap time

    * 2 plastic folders


    These items do not need to be labeled and OPTIONAL for donation for classroom use:

    * Tissues

    * Paper towels 

    * Clorox wipes

    This year, instead of asking parents & families to purchase traditional supplies, we have created an Amazon Wish List with Art, Science, Math, & Sensory exploration items along with other essential items that we need for the classroom. All items purchased from our wish list will be shipped directly to Buder. Below is our direct link to our Amazon wish list.

    Thanks for all of your support in making this another year full of learning through play!


    *For Early Childhood Special Education ONLY*

    -Please send a full package of diapers or pull ups and wipes. We will label and store them in the classroom. We will notify you when we are running low and need more for your child.