Preschool Supply List



    Buder Elementary Universal Preschool Supplies 2022-2023                    

    These items need to be labeled with your child's name:

    * Backpack (no wheels)

    * Change of clothes- in Ziploc bag

    * Water Bottle

    * Blanket- for rest/nap time

    * 2 plastic folders


    These items do not need to be labeled and OPTIONAL for donation for classroom use:

    * Playdough

    * Washable Crayola Markers (regular, skinny, PipSqueak)

    * Coloring Books

    * Tissues

    * Paper towels 

    * Clorox wipes


    Additional Supply Items By Teacher:

    Ms. Counts & Ms. Filben                

    *(2) Notebooks                                         



    *For Early Childhood Special Education ONLY*

    -please send daily/weekly amount of pull-ups and wipes, as needed.