Tools For Distance Learning


  • A metronome is an tool that automatically clicks at a specified tempo. Metronomes are very valuable to any musician as they can keep a steady beat while the musician practices. I recommend practicing with a metronome as much as possible. There are several free metronome apps for apple and android devices, as well as web-based metronomes that can be found by searching Google. 


  • Flipgrid is a video app in which a teacher can collect short video samples from students. The Flipgrid app should already be available on each student's iPad, and they need only log in with their SLPS username and password in order to start using the Flipgrid app. To use Flipgrid, the student copies down an entry code that I provide to them into their Flipgrid app, they will then be taken to the correct page where they can watch a video lesson and record a response. I will often use Flipgrid as a method of assessing student progress.