• Coding Resources

    Instructional Resources - Computer Science Pathway

    Here are some links you can check out to learn more things on your own related to web design, game design, Python coding, and other STEAM related work:


    Web Design w3schools.com - This link takes you to w3schools.com, a website where you can work through self-paced lessons on HTML and CSS, the core components for web design.


    Intro to Python coding - This link takes you to an introduction to the Python coding language, which can help you understand a lot of the basic commands, and allow you to do more advanced coding.  It is also self-paced.


    Code Academy Python lessons - Code Academy is a free web based program that you can create a free account for, and learn in self-paced, step by step lessons on the basics of Python coding.  A good resource for learning advanced coding techniques faster.


    Earsketch Lessons - The curriculum once you create and sign into your Earsketch account will show you advanced coding techniques for creating complex music beats in Python coding.  Self-paced as well.


    Agentcubes Community Games - In your Agentcubes game design account, you can go to their Community forum, and add games that other people have designed in the software, and learn how to build versions of them for yourself.


    If you have any suggestions to add, email me a link and I will be happy to add it to the list.


    Mr. Bast