• National Test Prep: Acing the ACT!

    Weeks of 3/28 and 4/4

    Blended Learning Instructional Framework: Whole Group Instructional Plan


    Learning Target

    Activities, Instruction & Modeling


    Formative Assessment /Exit Slip

    Due Date

    Synchronous/Live Instruction

    Asynchronous Playlist

    Lesson 1

    3/28 or 3/29

    Students will use Advanced Science Skills


    Practice Science Passages

    Manual p 655-661


    Drill problems

    Same day

    Lesson 2

    3/30 or 3/31

    Students will take Science Practice Test


    Practice Science Test

    Manual p 674-685


    Drill problems

    Same day

    Lesson 3


    Students will take  Math

    Practice Test


    Math Practice Test


    Manual p 390-409


    Drill problems

    Same day

    Lesson 4

    4/6 or 4/7

    Class after statewide ACT

    Debrief: what went well, what do we still need to work on?


    Drill problems

    Same day

    Lesson 5


    Depends on outcome of 4/6 discussion



    Drill problems

    Same day