Bus Information:

    Bus information was mailed early in July. If you have not received the information via U.S. Postal service, please contact the school to via phone at (314) 652-9282 so that we can assist you. If your bus information is incorrect, this means that SLPS does not have your most current address information. You should contact the school to update your address. Updating your address will require that you provide us with proof of residency such as a copy of a lease, utility bill, etc…


    Please anticipate that buses might be late or not show on the first day of school. The phone number for First Student bus company is (314) 389-1111. If possible, you or someone you trust may need to be prepared to bring your child to school if you run into any problems with the bus.

    First student also has an app that you can download on your cell phone. The app is called First View. Please download the app so you can track your child’s bus.

    Cell Phones:

    Cell phones are not allowed to be used during the school day. They distract students from learning and diminish the amount of social interaction necessary for the development of positive interpersonal social skills. If a student has a cell phone, the cell phones are collected at the beginning of the school day by advisors and are returned during the last period of the day. Students may also lock their cell phone up in their locker each day. If a student is observed or heard using a cell phone during the day, the cell phone is confiscated and taken to the office. If parents wish to pick up a cell phone after confiscation, then parents may pick up cell phones between 2:30-3:30 daily. If a parent does not want to pick up a confiscated cell phone, all cell phones will be returned to students at the end of each week on Friday.


    First Day of School:

    The first day of school is Monday, August 23, 2021. School hours are:

    Doors Open 6:30 AM

    Breakfast Program begins 6:30 AM

    Classes begin 7:10 AM

    Classes (School Day) Ends 2:07 PM


    All immunizations must be up to date on the first day of school. If your child has not completed required immunizations by August 23, 2021, parents must submit proof of having an appointment to complete immunizations within the first 10 days of school. Students who are missing immunization information will receive an e-mail next week informing them of the need to submit immunizations.

    Important Phone Numbers to Know:

    Compton-Drew ILC Middle School (314) 652-9282 (phone) (314) 244-1756 (fax)

    St. Louis Public Schools Important Departments & Phone Numbers

    St. Louis Public School Parent Concerns Office (314) 345-2480

    St. Louis Public Schools Recruitment & Counseling Office (314) 633-5200

    St. Louis Public Schools Special Education Office (314) 633-5344

    Transportation (First Student) (314) 389-1111

    Compton-Drew Staff Contact Information

    Principal Susan J. Reid Susan.Reid@slps.org

    Assistant Principal Shaire Duncan Shaire.Duncan@slps.org

    PBIS Coordinator Tiana Ford Tiana.Ford@slps.org

    Secretary Karen L. Dennis Karen.Dennis@slps.org

    Counselor Crystal Hilson Crystal.Hilson@slps.org

    Counselor Ronald London Ronald.London@slps.org

    Social Worker Tracey Moore Tracey.Moore@slps.org

    Family Community Specialist DeShannon Brooks DeShannon.Brooks@slps.org

    Athletic Director James Wright James.Wright@SLPS.ORG

    iPad Pick up

    iPad pick up dates are below. Parents will be required to sign a technology agreement when you pick up your iPad. If parents did not return their iPads from last year, your child will not be able to get an iPad this school year.

    Thursday, August 19, 2021 8:30 AM- 3:00 PM

    Friday, August 20, 2021 8:30 AM-3:00 PM and 5:00 PM-7:00 PM

    Saturday, August 21, 201 9:00 AM-12:00 PM


    Students will be assigned lockers during the first week of school. Lockers are to be used for maintaining their personal belongings. Each student will also receive a lock free of charge. If the student loses their lock, it will cost $5 to replace it. Students may not use personal locks. Parents should encourage students not to share their locker combination with anyone and to write it down in a secure location.


    Students are required to wear masks on school buses and at school at all times.

    Parent Drop Off & Pick Up

    Parents may drop of your children in the morning by pulling onto the parking lot and moving in a circle to the pedestrian gate (a staff member will be there to direct you the first week). Students can be let off in the parking lot and will walk through the pedestrian gate to their entrance.

    Parents may pick up students by parking on the playground in rows. Students who are being picked up will be waiting outside (weather permitting) or in the cafeteria where they can see you pull up.

    Please do not use Dolphin Drive in the morning or afternoon. It is only for bus arrival and departure. We also ask that dolphin families not cut across the property of our neighbors or use their driveways for safety reasons.


    All students will receive a printed copy of their schedule on the first day of school.

    School Hours:

    Doors Open 6:30 AM

    Breakfast Program begins 6:30 AM

    Classes begin 7:10 AM

    Classes (School Day) Ends 2:07 PM


    School Communication: Please make sure your contact information is up to date!

    ü Monday Message by Phone

    Every Sunday night at 7:30 PM parents will receive a phone call from Ms. Reid or her designee to update parents and students about upcoming events at the school or a change in the school or district calendar.

    ü Monday Message by E-mail

    Every weekend parents will receive an e-mail from Ms. Reid or her designee to update parents and students about upcoming events at the school or a change in the school or district calendar. This is same message as the phone message.

    ü Monthly School Calendar

    Every month at the end of the month parents will receive a calendar via e-mail with the important events and activities for the following month.

    School Supplies:

    Parents are not required to purchase school supplies. The school will provide them this year. We ask that parents feel free to attend school supply events to get free supplies that you can keep for your child’s use.

    If you wish to make a purchase for the start of school, we ask that you purchase a clear plastic or a mesh book bag for your child to bring to school every day. These will help us move students quickly through security as they enter the building and make entry lines shorter in the morning. If you have already purchased a book bag or have one from last year, there is no need to purchase a new one if you do not choose.

    School Uniforms

    Dolphins wear uniforms from the first day to the last day of school to show our school pride. The uniform is below:

    ü Jacket/Sweater-hoodie or cardigan sweater in Navy Blue or Burgundy

    ü (Students may not wear hoods on their heads at any time while in the building)


    ü Shirt-Navy Blue or Burgundy Polo Shirt (all shirts must have sleeves and a collar)

    ü Pants-Navy Blue or Khaki pants

    ü Skirts-Navy Blue or Khaki (Knee length skirts)

    ü Shorts-Navy Blue or Khaki (Knee length) can be worn until October 1, 2021

    ü Shoes-Closed in shoes (No sandals, flip flops, Crocs, or clogs)

    Sports (Athletics):

    Tryouts for Girls’ Volleyball and Boys’ Soccer (Co-ed) begin on Tuesday, August 31, 2021, from 2:30 PM until 5:00 PM. Dolphins who are interested in participating must have a current physical on file before they can try out. They also may be required to wear a mask during tryouts per the health department. They should bring appropriate attire, a water bottle, and a snack to tryouts.

    Dolphins will need their own transportation home from sports activities until after-school transportation begins.

    Visitors to the Building

    Due to COVID-19 protocols, there are no visitors allowed in the building. This is different for Compton-Drew but we are trying to comply with district procedures established with the health department. We have planned a virtual first day parent check & connect meeting so that you can talk to a representative group of staff about the first day of school. We will send that information soon via e-mail.