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    1. I can...Listen to Learn

    a.  pay attention in class

    b.  follow given instructions

    2.  I can...Act Responsibly

    a.  turn in work on time

    b.  keep hands, feet, and objects to self

    3.  I can...Show Respect

    a.  always be polite

    b.  raise hand and use inside voice

    4.  I can...Share Kindness

    a.  treat others how you want to be treated

    b.  share classroom supplies

    5.  I can...Be On Task

    a.  finish assigned work

    b.  focus on assigned work



    Students will have a weekly behavior sheet in their binder.  If a child is moved to yellow during the day, he/she will move to a reflection area in the classroom where they have the opportunity to calm down, share their feelings, and decide on a better choice. If behavior requires you attention a note will be sent home.  Positive behaviors will be rewarded school-wide with Buder Bucks and in the classroom with Table Points. You can monitor your child's progress on the parent portal. Please check their behavior sheets and sign on a DAILY BASIS!  I will check for signatures in the morning. Students who follow our Classroom Promises each month will get to pick a reward from the Treasure Chest.


    *Donations for the Treasure Chest are always needed. THANK YOU!!


Last Modified on August 20, 2017