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    1. I can...Listen to Learn

    a.  pay attention in class

    b.  follow given instructions

    2.  I can...Act Responsibly

    a.  turn in work on time

    b.  keep hands, feet, and objects to self

    3.  I can...Show Respect

    a.  always be polite

    b.  raise hand and use inside voice

    4.  I can...Share Kindness

    a.  treat others how you want to be treated

    b.  share classroom supplies

    5.  I can...Be On Task

    a.  finish assigned work

    b.  focus on assigned work



    Students will each have a Class Dojo account.  Students will receive points that will be rewarded with tickets.  The points will be given for many things that coincide with our four Buder rules.  The rules are be respectful, be responsible, be safe, and be abuddy.  The tickets will allow them to buy tangible and non-tangible rewards from our classroom store.  


    *Donations for the Treasure Chest are always needed. THANK YOU!!


Last Modified on March 23, 2020