• Adams Elementary School Uniform Dress Code


    Research indicates that uniform dress instills pride and promotes unity. Adams Elementary, therefor has adopted a uniform policy.  All students should wear the school uniform Monday through Friday.  Students may also wear Adams gear at any time. Students do not need to wear uniforms for picture days or designated special spirit days.    


    The Adams Elementary Uniform Policy consists of the following:


    Tops:  Solid-colored, polo style collard or buttoned down shirts with no logo or print.  Students may bring a sweater to put on if they find their classrooms too cold. 

    Bottoms:  Khaki, navy, or black pants/shorts/skirts/dresses

    Shoes:  Closed-toe tennis shoes should be worn daily



    Please Note:  

    • Uniforms should not be oversized, baggy, or tight fitting
    • Shorts/skirts/dresses should not be shorter than 4 inches from the knee
    • No strapless shoes or sandals
    • No hoodies are permitted