• Compton-Drew ILC Middle School

    5130 Oakland Avenue

    St. Louis, Missouri 63110-1406


    Greetings Dolphins & Parents,

    First, I would like to welcome you to the 2023-2024 academic year!  This new school year brings many challenges and opportunities. This summer has been a difficult summer for the children of St. Louis.  It has presented us with the challenge of so many children loosing their lives to violence  and far too early.  I believe that this can only be addressed when a community comes together and agrees that our children are the most important part of it.  There is a Zulu proverb “a tree is bent while it is still wet.”  It means that wisdom and behavior are instilled in a person when they are still young.” This school year, gives us  another opportunity to instill in our children an attitude of excellence that will propel them towards a positive future filled with opportunity.

    This year at Compton-Drew we will pursue “Excellence without Excuse.”  Towards achieving this goal we will be working on excellence at every level and every aspect of our lives.  We will strive together to be our best as teachers and learners, while understanding that students, parents, and staff are always either a teacher or a learner.    

    As with any goal, this will require that we bring our best each day, so we will continue our focus on the 4As-Attendance, Attire, Attitude, and Achievement.  It is these four attributes that will lead us all to excellence.  We want students at school every day with the appropriate attire and in the right frame of mind to have their best achievement.  Students can only do this with the help of their adult support system.

    We want to work with parents, family, and other care givers to nurture our students and their love of learning.  We want to inspire in them an attitude of excellence, which offers them every possibility.  The early adolescent years are the time for young people to explore their interests and find their passions.  This year, we will work diligently to help our children do both through classroom learning, field experiences, projects, tutoring, service learning and community service opportunities.  It is our hope that through our collective effort our children can begin to find their place in the world and see themselves as powerful, productive citizens with gifts and talents to contribute to the community in which they live and the world.

    The work before us will be challenging for us all.  The beauty in overcoming the challenge is that I am certain that we can do it with each other’s love and support.  We can do it by remembering that the children are the focus of all our effort.  We can do it because we are committed to the future of our children.  We can do it because we all have the same goal-the best lives possible for our children.

    It is with great excitement that we begin this year’s journey with the Dolphins of Compton-Drew Investigative Learning Center Middle School on Monday, August 21, 2023.  I look forward to the opportunity to work with staff, parents, families, and students to achieve “Excellence without Excuse.”


    In Service of Children,

    Susan J. Reid

    Susan J. Reid, Ed.S.