Overview of Objectives

  • Reading Objectives 

    • Identify upper and lowercase letters and sounds
    • Sight words 
    • Story recall (anwering questions about the story)
    • Sequence events in a story; beginning, middle, and end
    • Read daily!!!

     Writing Objectivties

    • hold writing utensil correctly
    • using multiple utensils to write
    • tracing (following the lines)
    • writing their name

    Science Objectivies

    • Describe objects by shape, size, and color
    • Describe characteristics of living vs nonliving things
    • Explain the weather in different seasons.
    • Observe wather patterns.
    • Explain why animals live in a specific home.
    • Tell the basic needs of plants and animals.
    • Find ways to make things better.


    Math Objectivies

    • use of manipulatives
    • Digital learning
    • 1:1 correspondence
    • Counting objects
    • Rote ounting practice daily
    • Identifying "how many" are in a group
    • Patterens