• SLPS Athlete and Spectator Expectations and Standards of Sportsmanship (K-12) Athletes and spectators are invaluable components of our scholar-athletes’ experiences at athletic contests. As participants and guests of the school district, and as a condition of such permission, athletes and spectators must comply with the school district’s rules and policies. These expectations are to protect the rights of students (K-12) to participate without fear of interference, and to permit the administrators and officials of school athletic activities to perform their duties without interference.

    The following are expectations for all athletes’ and spectators’ conduct to promote positive sportsmanship:

    Saint Louis Public Schools (SLPS) is committed to promoting fairness, equity, and safety during all athletic contests.

    Before the event:

    As a scholar-athlete: Students must be in good disciplinary standing, which means there can be no suspensions two weeks prior in order to attend or participate in events. Scholar-athletes must have a minimum of a 2.0 GPA and no failing grades in order to participate and remain on the team.

    As a spectator: Students must be in good disciplinary standing which means there can be no suspensions two weeks prior in order to attend the athletic events. Recent suspensions or other serious disciplinary incidents may lead to a student being placed on a do-not-admit list for a given event.

    During the event:

    SLPS aims to provide a drug and alcohol-free environment for our students and staff. Therefore, SLPS prohibits the possession, use or distribution of drugs and alcohol by students in or on SLPS District property, on District-sponsored transportation, at District-sponsored events, and/or in District-owned vehicles. Students cannot be under the influence of drugs or alcohol at athletic events, regardless of where or when consumed.

    At all events, alcohol, drugs, and weapons are strictly prohibited, and will lead to immediate removal and disciplinary measures for all athletes and spectators.

    As a scholar-athlete: SLPS supports sportsmanship and positive behavior at its athletic events. Participants are required to comply with the rules and regulations of their school, the League, and the MSHSAA, and to conduct themselves in a safe and sportsman-like manner. Violators are subject to probation, suspension, or expulsion.

    As a spectator: On occasion, SLPS may reserve the right to restrict entry to only students and families of students enrolled in one of the participating schools.

    All students and children must be accompanied by their parent/guardian and must be under the supervision of that adult at all times.

    All parents, guardians, and supporters will conduct themselves in a positive sportsman-like manner with the shared understanding that interscholastic competitions should be played in a safe environment which promotes learning and growth for all scholar-athletes.

    Students should support their team and display good sportsmanship. Cheering, chanting, and positive encouragement are all encouraged, but spectators should avoid disrespectful behavior or offensive language.

    Negative remarks, vulgar language, unwarranted physical interaction, destruction of property, and verbal and/or physical altercations are direct violations of positive sportsmanship and could result in the following:

    1. Removal at a competition

    2. Inability to attend future competitions for all or a portion of the season

    3. Issuance of a No Trespassing Order for SLPS location(s)

    4. Future disciplinary action by the school or outside authorities (as specified in the SLPS Code of Conduct).

    This document does not supersede the SLPS Code of Conduct. Please be aware that discipline imposed by a school may carry a greater action than the sanctions listed above.

    The following are guidelines for all spectators to promote positive sportsmanship:

    ▪ Spectators will respect all coaches, umpires/officials, administrators, and other spectators.

    o Do not engage in physical or verbal intimidation, or abuse towards any player, official, umpire, coach, or spectator.

    ▪ Spectators must always remain off the playing surface, including during halftime.

    o Respect all facilities and equipment.

    ▪ Spectators should remain in their designated seating section.

    o Comply with any directives from facility supervisors, administrators and/or event staff.

    ▪ Spectators will cheer for their team in a positive manner.

    o Do not use disparaging remarks towards the other team(s).

    ▪ Spectators will: o Not use artificial noisemakers.

    o Remain fully clothed. o Not throw any objects into stands or onto event surfaces.

    ▪ Spectators will clean up after themselves:

    o Clean up after themselves and dispose of trash properly, whether at a school gymnasium, an outdoor field, or another venue.

    Failure to comply with expectations could result in denial of admission or removal from sporting events. All attendees acknowledge and agree to be positive examples for our scholar-athletes and accept responsibility for their actions as participants and spectators of athletics with Saint Louis Public Schools.