Degrees and Certifications:

Master's Fine Arts Bachelor's Fine Arts K-12 Art Certification In Progress: Master's of Education

Art- Cambry Pierce


Please see Principal Letter about Ms. Pierce's absence and Art Classes at Cleveland.

The following assignments can be completed for extra credit.  Please email your work to Dr. Durham (

Painting and Drawing Class:

1. Gillian Wearing Signs Photograph

2. Explore Digital Collage

3. Photo Prompt 6: "What  you wore OOTD"

Intro to Art Class:

1. Covid-19 Reflection

2. Photo Prompt 6: "What you wore OOTD"

3. Explore Digital Collage










Hello and welcome back to another year of Art at Cleveland NJROTC!

My name is Cambry Pierce and I am back for my 2nd year at Cleveland! This year I will be teaching Intro to Art, and Painting and Drawing. This is my 4th year teaching art in public schools. Prior to teaching in the public school setting I taught art at a non profit organization for adults with disabilities and art courses at the University of Arkansas. I have my Master's of Fine Arts from the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, my Bachelor's of Fine Arts from Southern Illinois University and am pursuing my Master's in Education from UMSL. I am certified to teach Art K-12.

As an art teacher, I have made it my mission to banish ideals of beauty and perfection in art and replace them with questions, the ability to self express and evaluate, and the confidence to create one’s artistic practice through exposure to a variety of research in techniques, materials, visual forms, and artists both historical and contemporary.   It's my goal that this results in more advanced, intellectual and successful students and artists who are fluent in their own visual language, are creative thinkers, problem solvers, and communicators. Giving students the tools necessary to articulately express themselves, and undersdtand others will benefit them more than anything as they progress in their academic and artistic careers.

I live in St. Louis with my 2 sons, Cedar and Bright, our dog Sabrina, and cat George. In my spare time I enjoy being active with my kids and creating in my home. 

I am an ally and advocate for all of my students. 

Virtual Office Hours: Fridays 10:00am -11:00am