•  Mission Statement 

    ... to develop responsible citizens prepared for leadership in their schools, communities, and careers through a comprehensive education within a military environment.


    ... graduates will demonstrate the highest levels of self discipline, self esteem, and academic achievement necessary to succeed in college, careers, and military service. 

    Cadet Honor Code 

    I am a Cadet in the Cleveland Junior Naval Academy and as such, will conduct
    myself in a manner which will bring credit to myself and the Academy.
    1. I will show proper respect for school officials, fellow cadets, and for the property of the school and others.
    2. I will wear my uniform with pride and dignity, adhering to standards of military grooming and smartness.
    3. I will strive for academic excellence preparing myself for assignments and exams.
    4. I will attend school daily.
    5. I will strive to maintain a positive attitude.
    Cleveland Collective Commitments
    • Be consistent in expectations, practices, and modeling self-discipline
    • Create an environment where everyone can learn and experience success with proper support
    • Provide:
      • A rigorous curriculum
      • High academic standards
      • Implement high-quality instruction
      • Use research-based best practices