• Ashley Rench
    Name: Ashley Rench 
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    Room Number:  133 

    Subject: Geometry and Alg 150 

    Math Department 

    Softball Head Coach, Girl's Basketball Head Coach,

    and Boy's Tennis Head Coach


    Building Phone: 314-776-1301

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    Teacher Message:

    I believe my students will become life-long learners and leaders for the next

    generation by using the tools and skills learned in the educational setting I provide. 

    I encourage students to solve problems in class using logical and analytical skills. 

    I intend for them to use these same skills to solve problems outside the classroom

    and in their adult lives.  In retrospect, I want the students to look back on their time

    with me and remember me as a teacher that was fair, consistent, and who truly cared for

    their well-being inside and outside of school.  I want the students to say I was one

    teacher that pushed them when they wanted to quit because I believed in them and

    made them believe in themselves.  I want them to say I was the teacher that was willing

    to listen to anyone or to help anyone.  I want them to feel loved and respected.  This

    is what motivates me and allows me to strive to be the best educator I can be.



    Watch the video below to see inside my classroom:


    graph goodbye

    I graduated from Lebanon High School in 2001 and from Blackburn College in 2005. 

    I have a dual degree in mathematics and in education. 

    I received my Masters in Administration in 2014 from Lindenwood University. 

    I live in Illinois with my  two young children.  

    I enjoy playing softball in my spare time and spending time with my family.

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