• Technology Distribution

    If you are in need of technology, contact our Technology Coordinator to make an appointment.


    (314) 325-2285

    Masks must be worn in the school building. Please adhere to social distancing guidelines. 


    If you have any questions or concerns, please call or email.   


    Andrew Donovan, Principal

    E-Mail: Andrew.Donovan@slps.org 

    Phone: 314-645-4845  

    Joseph Clay, Dean of Students

    E-Mail: Joseph.Clay@slps.org 

    Phone: 314-645-4845  

    Jimele Palmer, Technology Coordinator

    E-Mail: Jimele.Palmer@slps.org 

    Phone: 314-325-2285, 314-645-4845

    Chiquita Keeble, Secretary

    E-Mail: Chiquita.Keeble@slps.org

    Phone: 314-645-4845

    Joyce Spann, Family Community Specialist 

    Email: Joyce.Spann@slps.org

    Phone: 314-645-4845