• Download the FirstView App to track your child's bus to and from school and to set up alerts for when the bus is a certain time or distance away from the stop.
    If you are wishing to request a different bus stop, please complete this application and submit to the main office.
    Safety Rules: The safety of our children is paramount to us. Please ensure your child is wearing a mask and practicing social distancing at the bus stop. Every child is required to wear a face mask and remain seated for the duration of the bus ride.
    Transportation (8 AM-5 PM)
    Routing Department (6 AM-5:30 PM):
    314-389-1111, Option 1
    Late, no-show, lost items, missed pick-up, driver issues (5 AM-6 PM):
    A. 1000-1999 (Spring Garage) 314-772-3184
    B. 2000-2999 (Union 70 Garage) 314-389-1111 option 2
    All other concerns