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    Name: Joseph L. Clay, MAED, MAT
    Email: joseph.clay@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 100D
    Subject(s): Dean of Students
    Building Phone: 314-645-4845

    Teacher Message: Great news as you prepare to finish out the school year. Wow, time has really flown by, we are back in person, but don't forget you can still access some online learning via your teacher's MS Teams webpage. I hope you had a good spring break and stayed safe (Wash those hands regularly & wear a mask when out & about). Please remember I'm available via email or office visits. 

    Research Corner: Teaching Letter Names without Letter Sounds - Some people think that teaching letter names is essentially teaching their sounds, but unfortunately that is not the case in English. Some letter names don't have a sound commonly associated with the letter at all. How do we fix this? By teaching primary vowels like short sounds first (e.g. a, e, i, o, u) as in "pat, pet, pit, pot, & putt". 

    Reference:  Connor, Morrison, & Katch "Beyond the Reading Wars: Exploring the Effect of Child-Instructions on Growth in Early Reading," Scientific Studies of Reading 8, no. 4 (2004) 305-336. 

    P.S. Students remember to eat breakfast to fill that brain with power. Also, it's never too late to follow your dreams. Always believe something wonderful is about to happen. Take pride in how far you have come and have faith in how far you can go!  Cheers
    Thought of the school year: 

     "Education is the great engine of personal development. It is through education that a peasant's daughter or son can become a doctor, a mine worker's child can become head of a mine, a farmer's child can become president of a great nation. It is what we make out of what we have, not what we are given, that separates one person from another."

    The Honorable Nelson Mandela
Last Modified on March 12, 2022