• Introducing the Clyde C. Miller Art Gallery!

    The brainchild of librarian Geralda Lyles, working in concert with Art instructor Jason Criveau, the Clyde C. Miller Art Gallery will feature student works and have a rotating theme.  For its debut, the theme was the work of renowned black artist Jacob Lawrence.  Students were tasked to choose a prominent black person and then create a triptych in the style of Mr. Lawrence.   
    This is The Migration Series, No. 57 by Jacob Lawrence 
    Ms. Lyles is pictured below with three of the students: Robert Strong, Cindy Fabian and Anetria Butler.  Below that you can see the students' work.
    lyles and students  
    For his work, Robert Strong illustrated the life of Allen Iverson 
    For her work, Cindy Fabian chronicled the life of Dana Owens, soon to become Queen Latifa 
    Anetria Butler's triptych features the story of Beyonce 
    The Clyde C. Miller Art Gallery is located in the library and will be continually updated.  Swing by and take a look!