• Student Art Gallery Presents - Bridge Building

    bridge project  
    From left to right:  Librarian Geralda Lyles, Austin Standley, Kentrell Julian, Mark Clay, Xayvion Collins-Whitfield, Alana Darrough, Kayla Davis, Madison Hines, Shayna Long, Instructor Derwin Crosby. 

    There’s a new Exhibit on display in the Clyde C. Miller Art Gallery, entitled Bridges of St. Louis.  The featured designs are those created by the Manufacturing Engineering pathway, taught by Mr. Derwin Crosby. 

    The bridges on display are the student’s renditions of Bridges throughout St. Louis, from the Eades to the Mckinley.

     The Art Gallery was created by librarian Gerada Lyles as a was to display the outstanding student work across the many departments. With this display, she is simultaneously promoting Literacy and celebrating student achievement.

    She uses many  unique ways of promoting reading and library usage, Ms. Lyles is sponsoring a contest for the best bridge design.  Homecoming tickets will be awarded to winners, but to be eligible to vote you have to check out a book.

    bridge project solo