What is School-Based Occupational Therapy?

  • My passion is working with children to help them be as independent as possible. In the school setting, I work with students to help them be able to do any task relating to their “job” or occupation as a student. I help students with difficulties or delays in their fine motor, visual motor, visual perceptual, bilateral coordination, motor planning, sensory processing, executive functioning, and self-regulation skills.

    In Occupational Therapy, we always strive to be client (student)-centered and occupation-based. Client/student-centered means that we work on things that are meaningful to the student. Occupation-based means that we use occupations (or meaningful activities; things you do to occupy your time) both as a means and an end goal.

    So what does this look like with your child at school? In OT, we have a little more freedom than the teachers do to gear our treatments towards the student. A lot of what we do looks like playing. We do a lot of crafts and games that incorporate the skills we need to work on. I also work with the teachers in utilizing modifications and accommodations, sensory strategies, and other tips and tricks to be used in the classroom. Here at Buder, we have a wonderful team of teachers and therapists that work well together so that your children have the very best opportunities for success!