• Below are links to websites and other resources for use at home. Most should be free, but if you have trouble accessing anything, let me know and I can try and send it to you.

    This website is run by a pediatric occupational therapist and has MANY resources, activities, ideas, and information on skills worked on in OT.

    This website has many great OT, PT, and speech therapy activities. You have to create a FREE account for access to SOME free resources. Other resources require you to buy the subscription—please email me if you find a resource that you want that is not part of the free subscription.

    Here, you will find resources, tools, ideas, and activities geared toward the healthy development of kids. Based on function and occupation-centered activities, the ideas shared on this site promote the underlying skills needed for action and performance in kids.

    I’m sure your children know all about Go Noodle! This is a free site for movement and mindfulness videos and are great for use as a “Brain break!”  

    This website is great if you child wants to learn how to type! It has games as well as lessons. If your child is interested in learning how to type or has typing goals in their IEP, please email me and I can direct you where/how to start!