• Please write a five (5) paragraph essay on one of the essay options listed below.  Email your essay to bobbie.richardson@slps.org


    Option 1: At Metro, students pursue challenges on purpose. We are an IB school and expect all students to take challenging IB courses where they will learn to think deeply about their place as global citizens. What's a time you did something challenging on purpose? What was the challenge, what made it hard, and how did you grow from the experience?


    Option 2: Everyone at Metro is an important part of the community. We work every day to make sure we build an inclusive learning environment. Inclusivity involves embracing diversity and working to include people with backgrounds and experiences different from your own. Describe an experience where you helped someone different from you. What did you learn and how did you grow from the experience?  


    Option 3: Tell us about an idea, activity, or topic you have learned about simply because it sparked your curiosity. What were you curious about? What made you excited to learn more? How did you learn more? 


    Option 4: Describe an experience that caused you to change your mind. What did you believe before the experience and how did the experience lead you to a new understanding?


    Option 5: What aspect of your current school community do you admire and wish to bring to your future high school community?


    Option 6: Describe a time when you became more confident. How did you know your confidence increased? What led to your growth?