• Uniform Expectations & Guidelines




    Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience is a uniform school. All students are expected to wear the uniform daily and comply with our school uniform code. Below are guidelines to help you and your student comply with Collegiate’s uniform code.


    House Uniform (Mondays)

    • Every Monday, students will wear their House Polo, along with the expected khaki, navy, or grey pants and uniform shoes.
    • The House System is designed to develop a sense of tradition, pride, identity, and motivation.
      • Our Houses will assist and continue to drive a positive and collaborative culture within our building.
      • Students have been assigned to Houses and will meet every day in their “House Mentor group,” which will serve as a mentoring time and study group.
    • During House Competitions and House Wars, students will be allowed to wear their House T-Shirts provided by the school.


    Daily Uniform (T-Th)

    • It is expected that every student wears a Collegiate logoed polo shirt (white, grey, blue) and khaki, navy, or grey pants, shorts, and skirts. Long sleeve logoed polo shirts are also permitted.
    • Students are to wear the school uniform daily. Exceptions are House Mondays, Collegiate Fridays, and Spirit days. Uniform pants and shoes are to be worn on these special event days.
    • Collegiate logoed outerwear is preferred to be worn in the building. This includes sweatshirts, hoodies, sweaters, vests, and jackets. Only solid white, navy, black or grey outerwear is permitted to be worn in the building over the logoed uniform shirt.


    Collegiate Fridays (F)

    • Every Friday is designated as Collegiate Friday. These Fridays are school spirit and college-focused as driven by our core values.
    • Students are allowed to wear Collegiate spirit shirts or college/university shirts (a legitimate college or university must be prevalent in the attire).
    • Normal uniform pants, shorts, skirts, and uniform shoes are required.
    • Dress-down days will be announced in advance and usually will occur on Fridays.



    Shoe Guidelines 

    • Keeping in line with our mission as a college and career preparatory high school, students are to wear shoes that illustrate this. We expect students to wear school-appropriate shoes at all times while on school grounds.  
    • Acceptable shoes: Sperrys, loafers, Vans, Polos, sneakers, athletic shoes, boots in Winter. 
    • Shoes should be a solid color that complements the school uniform and does not distract.  
    • Acceptable colors are brown, beige, blue, black, gray, and white 
    • Red, yellow, pink, green, orange, purple, and any shade of these colors are not permitted as the dominant shoe color. 
    • Accenting colors are permitted. 
    • Checkerboard patterns (Vans) in the approved colors are permitted. 
    • Crocs, Flip-flops, athletic slides, house shoes, slippers, open-toe sandals, and open-heel sandals (i.e., Birkenstocks) are NOT permitted to be worn at Collegiate. 


    Where May I Purchase School Uniform Shirts?

    • Land’s End: http://www.landsend.com
      • All uniform shirts and outerwear may be purchased from the Land’s End website.
      • Payment accepted:  credit card, debit card, Lands’ End gift card, PayPal
      • Only shop Lands’ End’s 30% or 40% off sales. You will receive notices of such sales after setting up an account with Lands’ End.
      • when searching for our school use this number:  900162835
    • Uniform and House polo shirts may also be purchased from Logo It:  Use this link to order polo shirts:  https://stlcollegiateschool.itemorder.com/
    • Collegiate:  We will stock some regular uniform shirts at school for purchase, $20 short sleeve, and $24 long sleeve. One shirt per student at the Collegiate store.


    Additional Uniform Guidelines:

    • Headwear: Hats, hoods, durags, scarves, and bonnets are NOT permitted to be worn in the building at any time.
    • Religious Affiliated Attire: Attire that is required based on religious affiliation should be discussed with the Assistant Principal or Principal. Any such attire should not obstruct the visibility of the normal Collegiate uniform shirt.
    • Chronic uniform infractions will result in a call to parents and possible disciplinary consequences.