• MAJ Francis
    Name: James X. Francis 
    BA, MA, EdD.
    Room Number: 128
    Subject(s): World History, American History and Technology Liaison
    Building Phone: 324-776-1301
    Teacher Message: 
    Welcome back to school, especially to all the new sophomores in World History. 
    Biography: Welcome.  My name is Major Francis and I teach American History, Coding, and regular World History.  I have a Masters in History and have been teaching at Cleveland since 2004.  In addition I have served in the National Guard for 20 years, including a tour in Afghanistan (2006-2007), served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, and have taught English in Slovakia.
    I enjoy travelling and seeing the places I teach about, having visited over 20 countries in three different continents. I read histories extensively to further my understanding of the past.
    In addition I publish classroom simulations and review games through www.socialstudies.com