• MAJ Francis
    Name: James X. Francis 
    BA, MA, EdD.
    Room Number: 128
    Subject(s): American Government, American History and Technology Liaison
    Virtual Office Hours: 1:15-2:15 Monday.
    Online Phone:‪(636) 686-0108
    Open House Link: Open House
    Microsoft Teams Link:
    Teacher Message: 
    Since Saint Louis Public Schools has made the last two weeks of October "Parent Teacher Conferences" I will be making appointments through email for the Juniors.   Freshman parents will be with the "Freshman team."  Any Junior parent who wants to meet with me send me an email at james.francis@slps.org.  Freshman parents can side up with the following link:   Freshman signup.
    Hello everyone . . . I hope everyone is staying healthy and safe.  I'm sure you are wondering about what we will be doing as we are dealing with the COVID-19 situation.  Of course this year we'll be starting virtually.  We'll be doing Blended learning which means we'll meet online through Microsoft TEAMS for 45 minutes to discuss and learn.  Then you will have work to do on your own.  Don't worry, you can always reach out to me during the school day to get help if you get stuck.
    Right now, stay safe and continue to learn. 
    Biography: Welcome.  My name is Major Francis and I teach American History and American Government.  I have a Doctorate in Education Administration, a Masters in History and have been teaching at Cleveland since 2004. My expetise is in World History as I have travelled to over 20 countries and lived in three continents. In addition I have served in the National Guard for 20 years, including a tour in Afghanistan (2006-2007), served as a Peace Corps volunteer in Thailand, and have taught English in Slovakia.
    I enjoy travelling and seeing the places I used to teach about. In addition, I read histories extensively to further my understanding of the past.
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