• In order to accommodate the challenges of coordinating organized sports in a pandemic, the St. Louis Public Schools' Public High League (PHL) will move its traditional fall season to the suggested modified spring season, with competitions taking place March 12-May 1, 2021.  Schools will have the option based on projected participation numbers to let the PHL Office know if they will participate in the traditional spring season or the alternate spring season with competitions taking place May 14-July 10, 2021.  

    We expect to have more information to share with PHL families in the near future.  Thank you for your patience and support as we work to safely bring back sports and related opportunities to our student-athletes.  

    In the meantime, we ask that student-athletes wear your masks and social distance- stay healthy and safe. We'll see you soon!


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  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience 

    In order for students to participate in CSMB Athletics, students and parents need to read and review the following information.  Before participating, the following forms will need to be filled out and turned-in to the Coach Kristof:

    • A Completed MSHSAA Physical Form
    • A MSHSAA Pre-Participation Form


    Concussion Awareness: In order to ensure the safety of your child, we ask that all parents and students take the online Concussion Course on the MSHSAA.org website located under sports medicine. The course is free to take online under the NFHS Learning Center Link: Concussion in Sports. You will need to create a login; the entire course takes about 30 minutes, but again, it is free.

    The free course is located at the following URL https://www.mshsaa.org/SportsMedicine/

    Physical Exams: Before any player can participate in practice and games, they must have a physical, the MSHSAA required physical form filled out, and turned into the Athletic Director. A physical is good for two full years from the completion date.

    The form (PDF) is located at the following: Physical Form

    Emergency Cards: All coaches need to have student emergency cards in case there is a medical emergency during a game or practice to ensure the safety of your child. The cards must be filled out before a player can participate practice and games. The cards are located with the Athletic Director.

    Uniforms: Once the season ends, students have one week to return their washed uniforms to their coach or to the Athletic Director before they lose their deposit. Student athletes and their parents are responsible for replacing any uniforms or loaned sports equipment (such as bags or warm ups) that are damaged or not returned.

    Insurance- SLPS/MSHSAA Catastrophic: The Board of Education does have insurance, but it is secondary. Whatever your primary insurance does not cover, the board’s secondary insurance may cover. If this situation does arise, the front office can assist you with finding the appropriate forms and paperwork.

    The MSHSAA pre-participation form will document your primary insurance information. The pre-pariticaption form can be found here: MSHSAA Pre-Participation Form

    Academic Eligibility Standards:

    • If a student has one F or two D's at the end of the 10 week grading cycle, they cannot participate in their sport until they get at least one F or one D to a passing grade by the next 5 week cycle.
    • If a student has two F’s at the end of semester, the student cannot participate in any sport the following semester. For example: at the end of 2nd semester, they cannot play in the next fall semester.

    Student Pledge: Students are not to use any illegal drugs and alcohol. IF they are caught using any of these substances, they will lose their spot on the team for the season. Also, student conduct off the field/court can forfeit their position on a team if it results in suspension or behavioral plan.

    Transportation: In order to convserve public dollars throgh transportation, players may often be sharing busses with other schools to and/or from sites. There may be some circumstances where students will need transportation from their parents or guardians. While we do encourage players to carpool, players cannot do so without permission from their parents.

    Practice and Participation: Practices are usually held daily.  Check with the coaches on practice schedules.  All participants are required to practice 14 days before participation.