•  The Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience Advisory Board

    Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience is the only St. Louis Public School to have a formal school advisory board. Members of the Board helped to envision and found  Collegiate, along with Dr. Kelvin Adams and the school district. The members of the Board meet six times a year and the executive committee meets six times a year.

    The members and the organizations they represent (including the President of the PTO) help shape and provide program guidance for the next generation of medical, bioscience and technology professionals as well as overall STEM college readiness and career preparedness. The Board is investing its efforts in a pool of talented and diverse students who are capable of outstanding achievement and who, if given the chance, will become leaders in our region in the STEM fields. Collegiate is unique regionally and nationally and the Advisory Board has played a major role in that design.

    The Board helps to secure resources—human, financial, and technical—that the school needs and leverages the professional connections that assist in scaling and sustaining its growth. The robust relationship between the Board and the school leadership team/staff has created a culture of support, professional direction, and care that will carry the school forward and propel thousands of students, especially minority students, into a promising future.