• Moyerman
    Name: Samantha Moyerman
    Email: samantha.moyerman@slps.org
    Mathematics Department
    Senior Internship Coordinator
    Room Number(s): 104
    Subject(s): AP Calculus, Senior Internship Coordinator
    Teacher Message:

    Parents and students can reach me any time at Samantha.moyerman@slps.org.

    AP Calculus Summer Assignment:

    Complete "AP Calculus Summer Packet" and prepare for your summer packet test per the assignment in Microsoft Teams.

    There are additional websites and resources for pre-calculus review in the "AP Calculus Summer Packet Intro" attached to the assignment.

    If you want a rough idea of the curriculum, take a look at last year's syllabus. There will be changes next year due to the later start of the school year. In addition, some topics will be taught in a different order and/or in different units, but it still gives a good idea of the content, pace, etc.

    AP Calculus Syllabus: AP Calculus Syllabus 2019-2020

    Senior Internship Summer Recommendations:

    Please check your email periodically for emails from me and reach out if your career interests change over the summer.

    If you don't have a resume you like, you can work on that over the summer. Start by looking at resume examples and templates to see what formats you prefer and to familiarize yourself with what resumes look like and include. If you have a draft of a resume when we go back to school you will be able to update and perfect your resume instead of starting from scratch during our resume writing sessions!

    Another great way to prepare for resume writing, interviews, and getting reccomendations for college is to prepare a brag sheet. There are resources for this all over the internet, but this is a good place to start: Building Your Brag Sheet.

    Senior Internship Manual 2019-2020: Collegiate Internship and Capstone Manual

     Click here to see more about the Senior Internship Program

    Graphing Calculator Note:

    TI is currently offering a 6-month free subscription to their graphing calculator emulators. This is a great way to practive if you don't have a calculator at home!


    SLPS Resources:




    Samantha Moyerman earned her B.A. in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and her M.A. in Mathematics from UMSL. She also holds a Graduate Certification in Secondary Math Education from UMSL.