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    Name: Samantha Moyerman
    Email: samantha.moyerman@slps.org
    Mathematics Department
    Senior Internship Coordinator
    Room Number(s): 104
    Subject(s): AP Calculus, Senior Internship Coordinator
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    Update for 3/23-4/3: I will be in touch with resources, assignments, internship updates, etc. throughout the coming weeks per district guidelines. I can be reached at Samantha.moyerman@slps.org.

    AP Calculus Syllabus: AP Calculus Syllabus 2019-2020

    Due to COVID-19 and school cancellations, College Board has decided to change the exam to a free online exam that can be taken on May 5 or May 22. With that there are BIG format and content changes.

    Here are the main changes:
    1. The test will be 45 minutes and ONLY free-response questions.
    2. The exam will NOT cover College Board's unit 8 (Applications of Integration). However, it WILL cover College Board's Unit 7 (Differential Equations).

    This is good and bad news.
    Good news: There is a lot of content you don't need to review for the exam, Unit 8 is huge. But you will still have covered the material, which is good if you'll be taking calculus in college.
    Bad news: Since I teach diffy q last, we had not quite finished that unit. However, we were almost done with the new stuff, so I will post diffy q review as well as the additional content here and on Microsoft Teams before I start posting more general AP FRQ review materials.

    I have attached the AP Units so you can see in detail what topics will and will not be covered on the exam. College Board AP Calculus Units 2019-2020

    For all the details, see the College Board website:


    I will update this every few days with things you can do to prepare for the AP Exam while we are not in school.

    1. This is a differential equations stations activity that we were going to do in class after spring break. It is good review of this unit so far!

    Diffy Q & Slope Fields Stations Activity

    2. Diffy Q Circuit Training

    3. Please start watching and taking notes on the College Board Unit 7 Videos. These will be official assignments soon. 


    Notes they cover in the videos: https://bit.ly/2wAgMzZ.

    4. You can also always review videos on Edpuzzle while you are not in school. 


    I will start putting your mock exam grades in SIS so you can see how you did on the multiple choice section and on each individual FRQ. I'll put them in as a weird category so it will NOT influence your grade. If you want to see the problems that correspond to your scores, just search for AP Calculus AB FRQ 2018, they are released problems. Once we get to AP Review after finishing the diffy q unit, I will post some videos where I talk about scoring and issues you all had (if I can figure out how to make good videos...).


    Graphing Calculator Note:

    TI is currently offering a 6-month free subscription to their graphing calculator emulators. This is a great way to practive if you don't have a calculator at home!



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    Samantha Moyerman is a graduate of Webster Groves High School here in St. Louis, Missouri. Ms. Moyerman received her B.A. in Philosophy and the History of Math and Science from St. John’s College in Annapolis, Maryland and her M.A. in Mathematics from UMSL. She also holds a Graduate Certification in Secondary Math Education from UMSL.