• All information and materials can be found on the Team: Internship Prep/Professional Skills Team 2023-2024

    When does this class meet and what are the classroom expectations?

    • During the period your schedule says "Internship Prep," you will physically report to the library and/or owl perch. You will check in with the librarian.
    • Your assignments will either be mandatory live events that will not necessarily take place during that period (you will be excused from any class you miss) or asynchronous assignments that you will complete and submit through Teams.
    • Even though assignments are turned in online, you can get in-person help from me (Ms. Moyerman). You can either email me to schedule a meeting (recommended) or stop by during your internship prep or study hall periods (with a pass).
    • The grading rubric (pass/fail) can be found on the Team along with all other supporting documents and assignments.