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    Name: Ms. Chandra Alford
    Humanities Department Chair 
    Email: chandra.alford@slps.org
    Office Hours: 1pm-3pm(Monday-Friday)
    Room Number: 110 
    AP Language & Composition-ENG.1100 
    AP Literature & Composition-ENG.1120
    English 450 Literature & Composition 
    Teacher Message:
     "Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder."
    - Rumi
    Ms. Alford has been in education for 13 years and has taught at the public school and university in this time frame. She received a BA in Film/Video-Screenwriting from Columbia College Chicago (2003), a M.A. in Education from McKendree Univeristy (2007), and a M.A. in English from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (2014). Ms. Alford is an avid reader and collector of books and vintage records. She has a special interest in the study of rhetoic, particularly the language and performative components within it.
    Course Syllabi:
    AP Language & Composition:
     AP Language & Comp (course syllabus)
    AP Literature & Composition: 
    Microsoft Teams Course Links:
    AP Language & Compositon: Microsoft Teams
    AP Literature & Composition: Microsoft Teams
    English 450 Literature & Composition: Microsoft Teams
    Summer 2020 Assignment: All Courses
    Summer Reading List: pdf link. This reading list has been compiled by the district's coordinator. 
    There are some really good books on this list. There are not any assignments for any the readings, so explore at your leisure and discretion. All of the books on the list are available at the Saint Louis Public Library. Enjoy.
    Summer 2020 Assignment: AP Courses
    AP Language & Compositon: Nonfiction Reading List
    - Select a book from this reading list based on your interest/curiosity. This will be a text used in the fall semester for independent reading assignments. 
    AP Literature & Composition: AP Suggested Reading List
    - Select a book from this reading list based on your interest/curiosity. This text will be used for independent reading assignments to prepare for the FRQ-3 prompt on the AP exam.