• Nickolai
    Name: Monica M Nickolai
    Email: monica.nickolai@slps.org
    College Admissions Specialist
    Room Number(s): 109
    Teacher Message:
     COVID 19 Spring 2020- please see the tabs on the side for updated information by grade level.
     Office Hours: Mon-Fri 8am-3pm
    Students, please email me using your SLPS email, no other email.
    Parents/guardians or an administrator must be present during any "one-on-one" communication not conducted via SLPS email.
    Biography: Ms. Nickolai started at Collegiate in 2015 and is responsible for guiding our students to their post-secondary plan.  While the majority of the time, this means college, students are also supported as they pursue enlistment or career training. 
    Ms. Nickolai attended Bradley University in Peoria, Il for her undergraduate education. After graduation, she completed her graduate work at Saint Louis University. While working on her M.A. Ms. Nickolai had a graduate assistantship with admissions. She advises for everyone looking to attend graduate school full-time (not medical or professional school) to look into graduate assistantships. These opportunities often pay for your graduate school tuition in return for part-time work. After graduation from SLU, Ms. Nickolai took a job at Washington University in St. Louis. While at Washington University in St. Louis she fullfilled various roles including: working with the students in the TRiO Student Support Services program for students with multiple barriers to college (first-generation, low-income, students with disabilities), four year academic advising and progress counseling for students in the College of Arts & Sciences, and creating career and professional development programming for students in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences. She emphasises how she learned a great deal about what students need to be successful as pre-medical students, when applying to medical school, and graduate school. She now utilizes that knowledge to advise Collegiate students not only on how to get into college, but on how to identify a college that will best support them for those long-term educational and career goals.