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    Ms. Robin House
              E-mail:  robin.house@slps.org
                  Phone:  (314) 533-0874
    Counselors Help
    Elementary School Counselors assist students in developing skills and attitudes necessary for success in school.  Counselors help students understand that the classroom is the first work place.  Getting along with others, and making good academic/career choices are promoted at this level.
    What are the benefits of counseling to students?
    The activities in the guidance program are designed to enable students to:
    • Develop a positive self concept
    • Acquire acceptable school behavior
    • Develop test taking skills
    • Become aware of career opportunities
    • Participate in an educationally sound instructional program
    • Demonstrate critical thinking skills
    • Solve personal problems
    • Become competent in dealing with peer pressure
    • Develop an awareness of the negative effects of substance abuse
    • Complete successfully the K-12 educational process
    • Prepare for education or training beyond high school and make the transition from school to the world of work

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