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    Name: Monica Rodgers
    Room Number(s): 123
    Subject(s): Pre-K
    Building Phone: 533-0874
    Teacher Message

    Dear Students & Parents,     

                My name is Mrs. Rodgers and my assistant’s name is Ms. Pryor.  We will be your preschool teachers this year.  Our days will be filled with meeting new friends, learning math and literacy skills, as well as science concepts and social studies.

                 Our classroom logo is The Incredibles.  Enclosed in this letter is an Incredibles name tag.  Please wear your name tag the first week of school so we can be sure you get to the correct classroom.  Parents, be sure to put your child’s bus card in their book bags. 

                 Let’s work together to make sure your child gets everything he/she needs to be successful this year.  Please send the following items with your child on the first day of school:


    • Complete change of clothes- shirt, pants, underwear, and socks

    • 1 Large backpack (labeled with child’s name)

    • 2 packages of glue sticks

    • 1 can of disinfectant spray

    • 1 container of disinfectant wipes

    • 1 pack of play-dough

    • 1 bottle of sanitizer

    • 2 boxes of tissue

    • 2 boxes of crayons

    • Large Towel or small blanket for nap time (labeled with child’s name)

    • 1 pack of  zip lock baggies (1 quart)


    We look forward to seeing you soon,




    Mrs. Rodgers & Ms. Pryor






Last Modified on May 14, 2019