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    Dear Kindergarten Parents,

         Welcome to the Kindergarten Explorers Room!  My name is Carrie Kovac and I will be your child’s kindergarten teacher for the 2021-2022 school year. I am very excited to be working with you and your child.  I am here for anything you need to ensure your child’s success in kindergarten.  We will get to know each other better by having ongoing communication through participating in home visits and using the communication tool Class Dojo. I hope to get to know each of you as the school year goes on and as we partner together to help your child grow socially and academically. 

         I am looking forward to teaching kindergarten this year! I will be working extremely hard to establish our classroom as a happy, challenging, comfortable, safe learning environment where we all do our personal best.  As we begin this school year unsure how it will look or what procedures we will need to follow, please feel confident that I will help you and your child adjust to the changes and communicate updates to you on a regular basis.

         Our classroom’s theme is The Explorers. In this classroom, we will explore learning in different areas such as academics, social/emotional, and nature. Your children will blossom and grow as a reader by learning to identify letters, sounds, sight words and blending.  They will learn to add, subtract, and identify place value, money, and time.  I enjoy teaching my students through hands on experiences. I am so excited about all of the wonderful things we are going to experience and explore this year. I am looking forward to seeing each student on our first day of school (Monday, August 23, 2021).

         Please have your child wear the Explorer tag for the first week of school. This will make it easier to identify what classroom your child is in.

         Below is a list of supplies your child will need to bring on the first day of school. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. My email address is carrie.kovac@slps.org.  I will be checking it over the summer.


    Carrie Kovac

                               Supply List                                                                                *Classroom Wish list*

    -Book bag (Standard size so folders and notebooks can fit)                                       2 pkgs. of Playdough       

    -Change of clothes                                                                                                 1 roll of papertowels       

    -Black Dry Erase Markers (for student use)                                                              1 sm. Dry erase board

    -(2) Sanitizing Wipes                                                                             

    - Hand Sanitizer

    -(2) Boxes of tissue

    -(1) pocket folder

    **Please do not send in markers for your child to color with or a supply box/bag.

Last Modified on August 22, 2021