• Welcome to the Fish Room!
    Name: Ms. Melissa Johnson
    Room Number: 131
    Subject: Pre-K
    Building Phone: 314-533-0874
    (Classroom extension: 38131)

                          Welcome to the 2021-2022 School Year! 


         Welcome to Preschool classroom 131!  Our classroom is known as the Fish Room.  Just like little fish in the ocean have schools they belong to, my goal as your child's teacher is to provide my fishies a school they can belong to. In the Fish Room, fishies will learn how to stick together, work together, learn together, and play together! 

         Our classroom's logo is Nemo.  In your Stix ECC welcome packet you recieve prior to the start of the year, you will find a tag with Nemo on it.  Please fill out the information on the back of the tag (child's PM dismissal method, any allergies, etc) and have them wear it for the first few days at school while I begin to learn my new friends' names and they begin to learn their new school routine. 

         To start off the school year, your child will need the following:

    • Backpack - Please make sure that this is large enough to fit the child's Communication Folder (10x12 folder).  Please write your child's name on their backpack.
    • Change of Clothing - Learning can be messy and accidents happen! By having a spare change of clothes on hand, this will help clean up move faster.  Changes of clothes will be kept in your child's cubbie.  Please label your child's clothes with their name.  Changes of clothes do not have to be uniform.  Spare clothes should include a top (shirt, undershirt, etc), bottoms (pants, shorts, skirt, etc), underwear, and socks.  A spare set of shoes is also encouraged. 
    • Naptime Items -  Students will need something to cover up with for naptime (beach towel, sheet, blanket, etc.)  Preschool classrooms nap daily and naptime items are stored in student cubbies.  Students may also bring a small pillow, stuffed animal/lovey to rest with at nap time.  Please make sure any extra naptime items are able to fit in your child's cubbie.  All other toys and personal items should be left at home unless it is a special occassion - which families will be notified ahead of time.  Please make sure all nap items have your child's name on them.


    On the first week of school, your child will recieve:

    • Communication Folder - This two pocket folder will be in your child's backpack each night and we check the folders daily.  The Communication Folder is used to send home calendars, student work, handouts, newsletters, and other correspondences from the district or Stix ECC admin.  You can also use the folder to send notes to myself or admin.
    • Emergency Contact / Getting to Know You forms - These forms allow me to get to know your child and family better! These forms are put into our classroom emergency contact binder and individual student binders.  
    • Class Dojo Invitation Code  - ClassDojo is an app that we use that allows families to stay connected to the classroom! We post classroom updates, photos, announcements, etc.  We also post items that are sent home in student Communication Folders in the event those handouts magically disappear between school and home. ClassDojo allows me to post private updates to each student's profle that are only viewable by that child's family and myself.  ClassDojo also has a private messaging feature that allows parents to directly contact me or me to privately message them - this is the fastest way of communication in our classroom.  Our classroom's ClassDojo page is only viewable by Fish Room families to maintain safety and confidentiality. 

           Should you have any questions, concerns, or need to reach out to me prior to the first day of school, please do not hesitate to e-mail me at: melissa.johnson@slps.org.  I check this inbox a few times a week during summer break. You can also check out the pages on the sidebar to learn more about myself and the Fish Room.

          Preschool is your child's first stop on their academic journey and I am excited to work with your family and child as a team to instill a life-long love of learning and make their first impression of school a positive one!  I can't wait to meet you and will see you soon!


    Ms. Melissa Johnson








    Class Room Wishlist

    Below you will find our Fish Room Wish List. These items can be donated at any time and will be used throughout the year for the entire class. Items are not mandatory or expected but always greatly appreciated.

    * Tissues

    * Baby Wipes

    * Hand Sanitizer

    * Disinfectant Wipes and/or Spray

    * Paper Towels

    * Play-Doh, Slime, Kinetic Sand or other similar sensory hands-on medium

    * Craft and Art Items (ex. Washable Paint, clay, feathers, sequins, popsicle sticks, etc)

    * Old button up shirts or T-shirts: We love hands on learning, but sometimes it can get messy! We use teen/adult sized button up shirts/t-shirts as smocks to protect student clothing and for easier cleanup.

    * Snacks: Please refrain from sending snacks that are candy, high-sugar content, or contain peanuts/tree nuts. (Examples of snacks: Goldfish crackers, pretzels, graham crackers, fruit snacks, Teddy Grahams, etc)

    If there are other items you would like to donate to the classroom (outgrown clothing, old toys, etc) we will gladly accept them! Between our classroom and the other classroom's at Stix, there are plenty of chances for things to get new life and re-used! 

    Please Note: We ask that you do not send pencils, colored pencils, or scissors with your child. We use these utensils only in small group, adult-monitored activities and have plenty on hand when the time comes.

Last Modified on August 3, 2021