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    Name: Sara Seitz
    Email: Sara.Seitz@slps.org
    Room Number(s): 132
    Subject(s):  Preschool
    Building Phone: 314-533-0874
    Teacher Message:

    Welcome to the Little Whales Room!


     Dear Students and Families,

    Welcome to the Little Whales Inclusion Classroom!  I hope your child is eager to start preschool. We are excited about beginning a new school year!

    We have many activities to share with your child. We would like to hear what your child is interested in and what he/she would like to learn more about. The first month will be spent getting to know each other, establishing a classroom community with behavior expectations, and learning class routines. Your child will meet new friends, and we will become a community in our classroom by helping each other with our different needs. We will be exposed to social skill instruction, peer socialization, math, literature, science, and so much more! 

    We are very excited to meet everyone on the first day of school. We also want to get to know your family because parent and teacher collaboration enhances student learning and academic success.

    Please make sure your child's bus notice is in their backpack. If he or she is not a bus rider, please make sure we are aware of how your child is getting home. Also, please make sure that he/she is wearing the Little Whale tag enclosed with this letter for the first week of school. This will help us find your child upon their arrival at school. 

    Enjoy these beautiful summer days with your family!


    Sara Seitz – General Ed                                Lauren Williams - Special Ed

    sara.seitz@slps.org                                       lauren.williams2@slps.org

    Aisha Davis – Teacher Assistant                 Weber – ICA


     Below, we have listed the necessary supplies that your child will need on the first day of school.

    Preschool: Little Whales – Supply List

    • For Daily Use:
      • Small blanket or towel for quiet rest (labeled with child’s name)
      • Complete change of clothes- shirt, shorts or pants, underwear, and socks (labeled with child’s name on each piece – to be kept in backpack)
      • Large backpack (labeled with child’s name)
      • 1 Lunchbox only if needed (labeled with child’s name)
    • For class use:
      • Girls bring: 3 packages Elmer's Washable Glue Sticks - 6ct
      • Boys bring: 3 Elmer's Washable School Glue - 4oz
      • 2 Jumbo Crayons – 8ct
      • 1 Markers Broad Line - 10ct Classic
      • 1 bottle of hand sanitizer 12oz
      • 2 tubs of disinfecting wipes (no spray, please)
      • 3 boxes of tissue
      • 1 Plastic Folders with Pockets (Blue)
      • 1 Package of Dry Erase Markers – 4ct (chisel tip)
      • Girls bring: 1 container of Baby Wipes
      • Boys bring: Ziploc bags box - gallon or quarter size
      • 1 Play-doh pack of 4
      • 1 Old adult t-shirt (to use as a smock)
      • 1 Current picture of your child with his/her family (4x6)
    • Please bring a peanut-free snack for all students in the class at the beginning of each month.

    Wish List

    Any type of craft you would like to donate and/or do with the class would be appreciated: cotton balls, washable paints, glitter, yarn, stickers, clothes pins, shaving cream, felt, pipe cleaners, craft sticks, Q-tips, Dixie cups, paper plates, permanent markers, foam sheets, pom poms, straws, duct tape, packing tape, painter’s tape.






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