• "Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience provides students with hands-on, real-world, transformative STEM learning experiences. "


    Our STEM programming seeks to inspire students to pursue and integrate STEM into their learning and future plans. From Hack-a-thons to Puzzle Days, students have opportunities to jump right in!

    CS50x Puzzle Day - Sponsored by KWS

    CS50x Puzzle Day is an adaptation of annual event held at Harvard University each year. This event is held annually in the fall, and open to all Collegiate students. Puzzle Day serves as an opportunity for studnets to collaborate on a team with classmates as they complete a packet of puzzles (i.e., logic problems). No coding experience is necessary! This event has been sponsored by KWS, a lead plant-science company. Students enjoy pizza, snacks, puzzles, and prizes as they work through challenging logic puzzles. This opportunity is open to all Collegiate students.

    World Wide Technology STEM Student Forum

    The STEM Student Forum is a WWT initiative dedicated to educating high school students on the importance of STEM disciplines and the opportunities they present while also creating positive change in the metropolitan area. The event features teams of up to 10 students from each of 20 participating schools across the regions. School-based teams collaborate to design a solution using technology that addresses an issue in their school or community. Collegiate has participated in this annual event for the last three years, and has brought home 1st place and 4th honorable mention finishes.  In Spring 2018, the winning Collegiate team design a web-based application addressing educational equity in St. Louis, which netted the top $10,000 prize. This opportunity is geared primarily towards AP Computer Science students.

    Cybersecurity League Competition

    CyberUp's PowerUp: Cyber Games provides a way for Collegiate students to compete against other schools and gain in-demand skills in a monthly cyber competition. Studnets use the same tools that security professionals use and are tasked with navigating real-world scenarios. The real-world skills that students build in the PowerUp: Cyber Games make them valuable to future employers and a fondation for further study in cybersecurity. This opportunity is open to all students currently enrolled in a coding course.  

    Hack-a-thon Events

    Students from Collegiate have partcipated in Hack-a-thon events across the St. Louis region and within the school. Students participated in the 3-day GlobalHack Hack-a-thon at Chafeitz Arena in 2016 and 2018. In addition, students in AP Computer Science Principles have participated in a hack-a-thon style event to complete their Create Task. This portion of their AP-portfolio is an essential component to students earning college credit. These events are encouraged for all students currently enrolled in a coding course.