• Jenny Nguyen (Defender)

    Jenny is a two-year varsity soccer player for Collegiate. Her favorite soccer memory was playing King of the Court during her freshman season on the turf field at our old school building and hanging with her best friend Sifa. Jenny's current plans for after graduation are to go work at a leadership workshop camp and have fun on a road trip with friends this summer before going to Philadelphia next year for college. Jenny wants her CSMB teammates to "put all your effort in, even if you don't think you can do it. Just try your best; you don't have to be the best player on the team but try your hardest and make the best of it." Thank you, Jenny!

  • Rhiannon Steele (Defender)

    Rhiannon is a 3-year varsity soccer player and has been a starter on the defensive line since her freshman year. She has played sweeper, CB, and LB in her Owls' career. Rhiannon's favorite soccer memory was winning an amazing game against Metro in penalty kicks last season. Next year, after graduation, Rhiannon is planning on attending college and studying Anthropology. Rhiannon's advice for her teammates is that "soccer is competitive, but ultimately you are here for your enjoyment! Don’t shy away from having fun with your team!" Thanks, Rhiannon!

  • Daiysha Shanks (Keeper)

    Daiysha is a 3-year varsity soccer player and has been the starting goalie since her freshman year. Daiysha's favorite soccer memory was doing some spontaneous yoga last season as a relaxing practice in the middle of the week. Next year, Daiysha plans on attending UMKC with a major in health science before going to PA school in hopes of becoming a Physician Assistant. Daiysha wants her CSMB teammates to know that "in soccer and in life, mistakes are bound to happen. But when they do, keep your head up and learn from them." Thank you, Daiysha!

  • Sifa Wangia (Forward)

    Sifa is a 2-year varsity soccer player and has been a starting forward both seasons. Sifa's favorite soccer memory is when Sofia, Gracie, and Audrey were here, and we were just having a good time. After graduation, Sifa plans on attending college. Sifa's advice for her Owl teammates is to "just remember to have fun and that’s how you’ll do your best." Thank you, Sifa!

  • Cloey Botts - Defender

    Cloey joins the CSMB girls soccer team for her first season this year. Since she is new to the team, she has not had many memorable experiences, yet, but she is looking forward to having some with this group. Cloey doesn't have any set plans for next year, but she plans on staying in Missouri and going to college at either STLCC or Mizzou. Cloey wanted her CSMB teammates to hear the following advice: "I would say don’t be afraid to try new things. It takes time to see what you’re good at. Always try your best and put forth effort." Thank you, Cloey!