• Submitting Student Work

    Any student work completed virtually will be submitted in the appropriate Microsoft Team. Students must attach the appropriate work or complete the required task per the assignment instructions, then click the "Turn In" button in the top right corner of the screen.

    All assignments are due by the date and time specified in Microsoft Teams. If students or parents have any questions about individual assignments, please be sure to contact me via email before the assignment is due.

    Microsoft Support: View and navigate your assignments (student)

    Grading Student Work

    My goal is to have all student work graded within a week of the due date. I will be transparent with students about my progress in grading and do my best to keep everyone updated.

    In Internship Prep/Professional Skills, you will be graded P/F based on adequate completion of professional skills assignments and attendance at required virtual events. I will assign points in Teams to keep track of what you have completed. Your performance will also be a determining factor in your internship or capstone placement along with the other internship eligibility requirements (see Internship & Capstone Manual).

    Students earn letter grades (A, B, C, D, or F) second semester for their internships and capstone projects.

    Late Work Policy

    I will accept any homework, in-class, or asynchronous assignment for full credit up until its due date. I will still accept that assignment for 80% credit for a week after its due date. After that, I will not be accepting assignments. The only exceptions to this policy are the following:

    • A student has contacted me before the day the assignment is due requesting a reasonable extension and been granted a new due date.
    • There is a verified emergency that prevents completion of the assignment.

    I am strict about due dates/late work policy. However, I am very generous about granting extensions based on reasonable student requests. I understand that life can be complicated and sometimes a little wiggle room is needed. Requests simply need to be made in advance, demonstrating that the request is based on true need, not simply procrastination.